One of Burnet County's elected officials apologized Wednesday for commenting on Facebook that it was "time for a tree and rope" in reference to the man accused of killing a San Antonio police detective, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Judge James Oakley's comment was directed toward Otis Tyrone McKane, who was arrested Monday and charged with fatally shooting San Antonio Detective Benjamin Marconi Sunday morning.

A former reporter for the Weatherford Democrat newspaper took a screenshot of Oakley's comment before it was deleted, the Statesman said. Oakley apologized for the comment on Wednesday, calling it "off the cuff."

"It is for that reason that I deleted it soon after posting and apologize for not being more thoughtful and comprehensive in my expression," Oakley told the American-Statesman in an email. "What I should have posted, if anything, is a comment that more clearly reflects my opinion on the cowardly crime of the senseless murder of a law enforcement officer."