Two pieces of presidential artwork were auctioned off in Dallas for tens of thousands of dollars.

A signed original painting by former President John F. Kennedy sold for $162,500, and a sketch of the New York skyline by President Donald Trump sold for $20,000 at Heritage Auctions, which offered American political memorabilia at a public event Saturday.

The winning bidders declined to be identified.

“Art done by any U.S. president is in high demand among collectors,” Heritage Auctions Historical American Auctions Director Tom Slater wrote in a statement. “The opportunity to acquire something done by the current sitting president and one of the most popular and historically important presidents in U.S. history only increased the demand among collectors for these two lots.”

The Trump drawing was one he did in 2005 and had donated to charity, along with a photograph and his signature. The JFK painting, which features a town skyline, was believed to have been painted in 1955. It is one of just two known paintings done by JFK.

Photo Credit: Heritage Auctions