As recovery efforts continue along the Texas coast, a couple of local teams from the Cameron Park Zoo are lending some extra hands and equipment to the Victoria Zoo.

None of the animals in the Victoria Zoo were injured, but the Zoo itself has significant damage brought on by Hurricane Harvey. Two teams from the Waco Zoo are in Victoria helping with recovery. The teams took chainsaws, water pumps, and animal crates. Now, they are moving some endangered species to other Texas zoos.

Johnny Binder with the Cameron Park Zoo said they are going to be moving a pair of jaguars from South and Central America.

“They will be relocated to the Dallas Zoo,” Binder said. “I know they also had some other cats and other animals that will probably be relocated to the San Antonio Zoo or Houston Zoo. Right now, it’s all kind of up in the air.”

The Houston Zoo had minimal damage.

Binder said they are committed to supporting each other just as they are devoted to preserving this habitat that mother nature nearly destroyed.