One of Cameron Park Zoo's oldest residents died this week from complications due to old age.

Fezzik the Alligator snapping turtle had been at Cameron Park Zoo since 1993. He previously had been at Central Texas Zoo, where he had lived since 1958.

Zoo officials do not know his exact age but they estimate he hatched around 1940.

Duane McGregor with Cameron Park Zoo sent a press release about Fezzik's death Wednesday morning.

"The loss of Fezzik was very difficult for the entire staff here at Cameron Park Zoo, said He is also sure to be missed by zoo visitors who marveled at his massive size and often asked zoo staff members if he was real since alligator snapping turtles spend much of their time sitting completely still under water."

Fezzik was not the oldest animal at the zoo. They have a Galapagos tortoise that is 100.