The search is on for a new police chief after the city of Cameron announced Thursday that newly hired Chief of Police Shane Snider, withdrew his name from consideration and will not be starting the job Monday.

Snider cited “instances of untrue allegations lodged against” in his withdrawal letter.

According to a press release, Cameron City Manager Rhett Parker said Snider received unverified information raising concerns of the his hiring and his qualifications for the job.

Snider has a total of 33 years in law enforcement and will be retiring form Harris County to come to Cameron.

He is a Master Peace Office, TCOLE Instructor and TCOLE Special Investigator. Sniders was also the police chief for the city of Lone Star Police Department, Senior Deputy with Washing County Sheriff’s Office and Chief Deputy/Undersheriff with San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado.

Parker said after hearing the concerns, the city acted quickly and determined the information was false.

They said they believe Snider is qualified and capable to be the City’s Police Chief. In the press release, it stated Snider withdrew as Police Chief after encountering a campaign to undermine him before he even started.

“This is a huge disappointment,” Rhett Parker said. “We had a good man who would do right for our citizens.”