The May 6 elections are now less than a month away, and on Saturday candidates for Killeen City Council and the KISD Board of Trustees came together at the Moss Rose Community Center to engage voters.

Sixteen candidates spoke at the event in total and many were challengers to the sitting incumbents. Those candidates said the city still needed to address problems with crime, do a better job managing the budget and bring more jobs to the area. 

Local residents like William Matthews were, however, looking for more substance in the candidate presentations. Matthews said he wants the council person he votes for to have a concrete plan for economic growth in the area.

"My major concern with the forum and the city council is the economic development here. It seems like out of the three candidates we had speaking (for district 1) nobody has a plan."  Matthews said. "You would figure they would have a long term plan or short term plan to bring jobs back to the area and give these kids some hope. There is no jobs... simple as that."

Every district in Killeen has a council or board position up for grabs in the May 6 election. For a list of Bell County sample ballots click here.