FORT HOOD- Over 50 soldiers are walking from Fort Hood to Austin over the course of three days all to raise awareness for PTSD and suicide. Carry The Fallen was created by veteran Cody McCain, who says he came up with the idea because he suffers from PTSD.

The soldiers lined up early in the morning to get their journey started. We spoke to some of the soldiers on why they decided to take part in the event. For people like Tyler Eaton, the cause is one he knows too much about. "it hits home because I had a buddy who recently did it, it's kind of sad and we're doing what we have to do to show our support." While others are walking for their own personal goals, like Sidney Green, "I'm coming off double knee surgery and I just felt like it was the right thing to show that I can still can do it and I can still keep up with the best is just something to prove to myself that I can keep going and not give up."

No matter what the reason is, McCain says it's also meant to build comradery between the veterans, soldiers, and public. The walk was also created to make sure no one is left behind. If a veteran or soldier is going through a tough time, they are not alone.