The mourning continues for slain San Antonio detective Benjamin Marconi in Central Texas Monday, as many people are still trying to understand why he was gunned down while conducting a traffic stop outside of San Antonio police headquarters.

Temple officers say they're devastated that another one of their brothers has been gunned down in the line of duty. They say the incident shows how potentially dangerous a traffic stop can be. While words of encouragement from community members keep local officers spirits high they say it's important to remain alert when out patrolling.

"Our hearts here at the Temple Police Department and City of Temple go out to our brothers and sisters in San Antonio. It's ok to be afraid when you go out on the street it's what keeps you vigilant it's what makes you look over you shoulder and see who's coming and see what's going on around you, those things are totally acceptable" says Joseph Thomas, Temple Police Department.

Community members with close ties to law enforcement say they also fear for their loved ones that serve. Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange's sister in law says attacks like these are horrific, and make her concerned for her brother in law's safety.

"I hope that he wears his personal protection gear everyday and when he first took the job everyone was insisting that he do that. For a routine traffic stop it's unbelievable that a human person would be treated that way and ambushed" says Pam Fette, Bell County Sheriff's Sister in Law.

Other Central Texans say they're concerned an attack in Central Texas might be next.

"We do not know when something like this will happen, what triggers it, what is in the minds of people, I can't guess I don't know but yes it could happen here" says Clail Carter, Belton resident.

Temple police are currently wearing mourning badges to honor the fallen detective.