Many people in Central Texas are still celebrating or trying their best to come to terms with the election results. Clinton and Trump supporters in the area say watching the votes come in all night long was nerve- racking, people on both sides say they're still in shock that Trump is the president elect.

A local Trump supporter tells Channel 6 News that she was a little surprised Trump took such a significant lead above Clinton, but is happy to have a republican president elect. She went on to say that with the election behind us it's time for the country to unite.

"We are one. We are one country and we should all come together no matter what, whether democrat or republican we should come together" says Trump supporter Kathryn Raymore.

A Clinton supporter tells Channel 6 News that she's disappointed Trump won, she says she thinks more democrats needed to vote but didn't which in her opinion caused Clinton to lose. The voter says she's now uncertain of the country's future.

"I feel helpless, hopeless and shocked. There was a lot of things said about both candidates especially from the media and even on social media, it just didn't seem like he would've won" says Clinton supporter Krystal Jones Williams.

Both women agreed that it will take some time for everyone to accept the idea of a Trump presidency and come together. They also say they are relieved the cat fights between Trump and Clinton are over so that they country can focus on the real issues at hand.