The chairperson of the nonprofit Vive Les Arts Theatre, which has offered community entertainment in the Killeen and Greater Fort Hood Area for the last 40 years, released a statement this week regarding the board of directors' decision to close the theater.

In the statement, Chairperson Summer Heidtbrink openly disagreed with the board's decision to vote to close the theater -- arguing it was still a viable entity.

"If we are successful in keeping the theater open, it will require an effort from the community to support the theater," Heidtbrink said. "We will need volunteers and donors."

Heidtbrink promised -- along with other board members who want to keep the theater open -- to investigate the legitimacy of the vote to close the facility, while also urging theater supports not to show any ill will toward the board members who voted to close the theater.

The theater is scheduled to hold its final play, "The Little Mermaid," July 21-30 in Killeen.

Below is the full statement:

Chairperson statement on Vive Les Arts Theatre closing by Channel 6 News on Scribd