The City of Killeen has 110 jobs it needs to fill this summer, many of which provide a good first job for local teens.

Around half of those positions are for lifeguards at local pools. Applicants for lifeguards and water safety instructors will need a prior certification from the American Red Cross.

Many other positions, however, require no previous experience. There are jobs for mowing service workers, drain cleaners, ground maintenance workers and golf cart attendants. The pools also need cashiers and management staff. There is even a position in recycling.

Killeen Councilman Gregory Johnson has been encouraging kids in the inner city to take advantage of those jobs. He said it will provide an opportunity for kids to earn a wage instead of just hanging around on the street.

"When it comes to the summer, it is a fact that crime will increase. What I am trying to do is ensure that our inner city youth and disadvantaged youth have the opportunity to apply for those jobs and gain employment," Johnson said. "We started working at 16 in fast food. It gave me an opportunity to stay out of trouble... but I also learned great skills."

You can apply for City of Killeen jobs on this webpage. Most applications must be in by March 21.