Temple locals have told channel 6 several times Temple's sidewalks are getting too dangerous for scooters. After confronting the city multiple times, however, it looks like there is no push to fix them any time soon.

Locals told Channel 6 News the city had multiple trouble spots back in October, so on Oct. 19, Channel 6 followed Temple local Judy May on her scooter down to H-E-B from her home near Monticello Street .

Cracks and bumps were common, but at 811 N. 3rd St., the sidewalk deteriorated into the grass. At 200 N. 3rd St., the sidewalk completely disappeared and May had no choice but to jump in with traffic. At 508 West Adams Ave., she was forced to drive on a city road once again.

“They need to fix them, or you are going to have a lot of hurt people in this town, and possibly a lot of lawsuits,” May said.

Channel 6 News reached out to the City of Temple on Oct. 25 and gave them pictures and locations for the bad sidewalks. Acting city manager Kayla Landeros confirmed the city was aware of at least one of the dangerous areas – specifically the slanted sidewalk at 508 West Adams Ave., and said the City of Temple was working with TxDOT and the Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization to fix the sidewalk at that location.

Landeros also said she wanted to wait for interim city manager Brynn Myers, who is out on maternity leave, to return before making a decision on the other two areas.

Channel 6 News waited two months for Myers to return, and requested an interview on December 6th. Temple spokeswoman Shannon Gowan said the city would not be doing interviews on the subject and sent us the following email response:

I spoke with Brynn this morning regarding your request for an interview. As I told you yesterday, there is not any movement on the sidewalk discussions. Any requests for infrastructure funding will need to be discussed in the FY 19 budget planning with City Council which will start in the spring of 2018. As such, Brynn will not be available for an interview at this time.

Gowan also told channel 6 news that even if funding was made available in the 2019 budget it would not be put to use before October of 2018 - 10 months from the time this article was written.

Documents provided by Gowan showed Channel 6 News that the sidewalk at 508 West Adams Ave., which is inaccessible by Scooter, won't be under construction until 2021.

It would be possible, however, for citizens to request a city council person or Mayor Danny Dunn put an item on the council agenda in order to find emergency funding to fix the locations. Residents can contact city representatives at the numbers and emails below.

Tim Davis

Phone: (254) 298-5700
Email: tdavis@templetx.gov

Judy Morales

Phone: (254) 298-5700
Email: jmorales@templetx.gov

Susan Long

Phone: (254) 298-5700
Email: susan.long@templetx.gov

Mike Pilkington

Phone: 254-298-5700
Email : mpilkington@templetx.gov

Danny Dunn

Phone: 254-298-5700 c Email: ddunn@templetx.gov