TEMPLE - The City of Temple is ready to more forward with the construction of their Santa Fe Plaza downtown. At the council meeting Thursday night the city passed a resolution to authorize contractors to begin construction on the roadways, parking lots, and utilities associated with the project. The City of Temple began demolishing structures, including the old ice house near the Santa Fe Depot, last week in preparation of moving the project forward.

One complete, Santa Fe Plaza will provide a much larger area for the city to hold events and will relocate city offices near the downtown area. They hope the new city structure will bring more traffic downtown to help boost the local economy.

At the same time the city will be getting a new retail shopping area downtown with The Hub. Located on across from Pignetti's on South 2nd Street,The Hub will bring a collection of high-end and low-end retailers under one roof. The retailers include Thread, Mobi Dog, and Lucky Bebe and will sell everything from baby cloths to home decor. The Hub will be open for business by Black Friday.

While not located downtown, Channel 6 news is already in the process of moving to Temple as well. Construction continues on the new location on 200 North 3rd Street. We should be moved in by the first of the year.