All car crashes can be life shattering, but for the Bradley family, one crash has changed everything.

On September 16th, 19-year-old Taylor Bradley and his girlfriend, 17-year-old Griffin Anderson, were driving to Waco to see a movie. The driver of a SUV coming the opposite direction tried to pass in a no-passing-zone.

The crash killed both Bradley and Anderson.

The couple's death left behind a four-month-old baby named Bentley, who was born with an issue with one of his heart valves.

Grandmother Sherrie Bradley has been trying to find a way to pay for the procedures Bentley will need to stay alive, but she has no idea how many thousands of dollars it will cost.

"It can close the blood flow to your lungs," Sherrie Bradley said. "It could possibly be corrected with a balloon procedure where they go through the groin, and stretch the valve... if that didn't work he would be looking at some type of (surgical) procedure."

Before Taylor Bradley and Griffin Anderson died, however, Sherrie Bradley said the couple were very clear on the future they wanted their baby boy to have. He was to go to a good school near Waco and have strong role models, and Sherrie Bradley said she will do her best to make the couple's envisioned future for Bradley a reality.

"My hope for Bentley is that he would get to grow up how his dad and mom wanted him to and have every opportunity for his health, for school, for his spiritual growth... he can be whatever he wants to be," Bradley said.

A Go Fund Me Account has been created to help cover Bentleys medical costs. You can find it here.