The Robinson community is thanking the public for their service to an army veteran who died in early 2017.

Firefighters, police, and members of the community helped clear out his home after neighbors complained about trash piled up in the yard.

Cassandra Martin got off work a little early Wednesday, to pick up trash and reflect about her deceased father who was affectionately called Poppa Don – an Army veteran who died a few months ago.

“He took a lot of pride in his community and neighborhood and I know he would be proud of what happened here,” Martin said.

It is a case of neighbors helping neighbors. No one seemed to take interest in his house when Poppa died.

“And just a lifetime of my dad’s belongings kind of built up,” Martin said.

Many neighbors complained and Martin started to get notices from the city. That is when Robinson City councilman Jimmy Rogers gathered the community to pitch in and help out.

“It was important to me to give back to his family,” Rogers said. “We didn’t know them before, but I felt like it was just a good thing to do.”

E.W.B. leasing gave the family a dumpster free of charge, and volunteers, fireman and police officer spent Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning the house.

“We hear the stories of those veterans who are finding themselves in difficulty positions and I think it’s our duty as their neighbors to step in and make a difference in their lives, like they made a difference in ours,” Rogers said.

Martin said she and her husband are still deciding what to do with her father’s home, but they’re thankful to the Robinson community for coming together to help.