A Woodway church is still cleaning up after being targeted by vandals, but when they held a special prayer service Sunday morning, the community came out in a big way.

Willowgrove Baptist Church in Woodway as standing room only, as the community rallied against the acts of vandalism church members are dealing with.

The incident happened on Wednesday. Someone broke into the community building next to the church and used ketchup and mustard to write Trump, the Nazi Symbol, and Satan in the kitchen.

They also broke the church’s door and rummaged through the office.

On Sunday, pastors from around the area and the Waco mayor spoke out against those acts. While the community is condemning the vandalism, Pastor Kenneth McNeil said the act created a positive effect in the community by bringing people together. He is calling members to forgive those responsible.

“To the ones who did this terrible act I just say that we forgive you here at Willow grove,” McNeil said. “There is forgiveness here, and we wrap our arms around them.”

While the mess isn’t quite cleaned up yet, people have been reaching out in person and on Facebook offering to help. Pastor McNeil said they have more than enough hands-on deck to get the job done.

The church said., despite the acts of hate in Virginia and other places in the country, they believe Waco will not become divided.