Last week Channel 6 told you about several women demanding their money back from a local contractor who claimed he’d pay up soon.

Customers are not happy with Buck’s Construction.

They said owner “Buck” Verdon Bower promised their money back several times after he failed to complete or even start several roof jobs.

One of those customers is turning to police to try and get her money back.

Channel 6 called Bower last Thursday.

“She should get hers by Friday,” Bower said. “Carmen will get hers Friday or Monday at the latest.”

But they didn’t and Camille Rynd said she has been asking for almost a month.

“The Monday following the 18th, he would have it that day.” Rynd said. “he then told me he had to wait till the materials were returned.”

Text messages show multiple explanations over three weeks. Now Rynd has had enough.

“I filed with the police yesterday. Telling them everything that had happened,” she said.

And if the police go after Bower, it would not be the first time.

In 2003, Bower wrote a bogus check in Oklahoma and fled to Bell County. The authorities had come to get him. He was charged in 2006 with stealing a woman’s identity information in Bell County and sentenced to nine months in jail in 2008. In 2016, he was serving time for stealing at least $2,500 in Tyler County.

When Channel 6 spoke to Bower last week about the charges, he said it was all in the past.

“What happened in the past is in the past, not the present and it wasn’t even my fault so…,” Bower said.

But Texas law enforcement agencies said otherwise, and Rynd just hopes to be the last person who reports him.

“I don’t expect my money back, but I don’t want anyone else to be burned by this guy,” Rynd said.

Channel 6 news did speak to Bower briefly Thursday. He said he sent the money and blamed a mix up with the post office.