The American Legion Department of Texas wrapped up its annual state convention Sunday morning in Killeen.

Members from across the state gathered to plan out their next year with the American Legion.

The 2017 convention was held in Killeen thanks to efforts from former Killeen Mayor and American Legion member Dan Corbin.

Butch Sparks, national committee member of the American Legion Department of Texas talked about why Killeen was chosen.

"Since we're right across the street from the home of the largest military base, III Corps is the largest military installation in the world," Sparks said. "I think and other people thought why not take it where the soldiers work and train?"

As the largest veteran’s service association in the country, they want to make sure they continue to serve current and former military personnel as well as possible.

Commander Walter Ivy said it was a really good opportunity to get on base with Fort Hood.

“On Monday, we had the opportunity to do a workshop for transitioning soldiers leaving the service to help them make sure they get jobs and it was very successful,” Ivy said.

The American Legion Department of Texas estimates more than 1,000 military veterans were on hand for this week’s convention.

Next year's convention will be held in San Antonio.