A Copperas Cove family is demanding answers tonight after their sons daycare teacher was caught on camera dragging their child across the floor. Jake and KariLyn Tardie say their son Wyatt was assaulted at Turkey Creek Jr Academy, and almost two weeks after the incident they say they're still waiting for an explanation.

In the alarming video captured by Wyatt's parents a teacher can be seen dragging the student multiple times, the video has been viewed over 2 thousand times online. Jake and KariLyn were told that there son was leaning back in his chair after repeatedly being told to stop, and claim that the teacher got upset Wyatt wasn't listening and removed him from class.

Wyatt's parents immediately pulled their son out of the daycare after the incident, something they say was hard to discuss with their child.

"He did ask if we weren't going back to school because Donna hurt him, so that kind of hit home and crushed me" says Jake Tardie, alleged victims father.

Wyatt's father went on to say that he quit his job after seeing the video so he can stay home with Wyatt full time to make sure he's protected.

"I don't trust daycare's anymore. It's always a scary thing leaving your kids in the care of someone else who isn't your family or friends, it's nerve racking. To see this actually happen is a parents worst nightmare" says Tardie.

Wyatt's parents say they want a better explanation from the school and more follow up from police, they also say they're concerned about the other children's safety.

"We know everybody makes mistakes and fortunately it wasn't worse but we want to protect other kids and don't feel like she should be working with children" says KariLyn Tardie, alleged victims mother.

The daycare owner told Channel 6 on the phone that the teacher was immediately let go following the incident but that her future employment status at the daycare will be dependent on investigation findings.

The family did file a police report with the Copperas Cove Police Department, officers there say they are investigating the case as injury to a child but did not comment further. CPS is also investigating the incident.

The family says they hope sharing their story will encourage other parents to keep a closer eye on what happens with their children during school.