Owners of the Copperas Cove gym, Fierce Pierce Gym, have not had working A/C for months, and still haven't received help from their landlord.

The gym's issues have left the owners heated.

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Channel 6 spoke with the owners two weeks ago when the gym reportedly reached temperatures near 95 degrees inside.

Days after the story ran, the Florida-based property manager, National Retail Properties Inc., told the gym owners it would replace the A/C unit.

The gym's A/C has yet to be fixed, and now, the owners have more problems.

According to the gym owners, the roof is now leaking after a rainstorm blew through the area. The rainstorm caused water to seep in, and panels to fall from the roof -- leaving electrical wires exposed.

Classes at the gym have been forced to be canceled due to the conditions of the building.

The gym's lease states the property owners are supposed to keep the roof in good repair, but technicians have not come out for either issue.

However, there is good news for the gym owners. The Better Business Bureau can help in these types of situations. Even if a management company is based in another state, Better Business Bureau Regional Director Adam Price said it is easy to file a complaint against that company.

The complaint must be detailed and describe the specific resolution a customer wants, but Price said it provides a way to defuse a conflict before lawyers get involved.

"Often times, working through our dispute resolution process, can save time and money, before you go down the legal route," Price said.

Channel 6 reached out to the Florida-based landlord on Friday. The company did not answer any of the phone calls.

Since the gym cannot conduct any classes due to the water damage and exposed electrical wires, the owners asked for a rent reduction.

National Retail Properties Inc. will have two weeks to respond to a BBB complaint should one be filed. If the business does not respond after a month, it will be listed as 'no response' on the BBB site.