The victim in yesterday's fatal crash has been identified as Donald Lawrence Ray, 54, of Weatherford, Texas.

Accident Reconstruction Detectives returned to the scene today. Their investigation is ongoing.

Original Story

One man is dead after a major car accident that happened on northbound Highway 6 heading towards Valley Mills.

Officials said the accident happened just before 3:00 a.m. Thursday near the Twin Bridges.

A woman driving south in the northbound lanes crashed into another car with two people in it coming from the other direction,

The driver of an 18-wheeler containing glycerin tried to avoid the cars but hit a guard rail forcing it to rollover. The cab was separated from the trailer by the guard rail.

The driver of the semi had to be cut out from the wreckage. He was taken to Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest where he later died.

The victims inside the cars where taken to the hospital with significant injuries and broken bones.

Waco police will be returning to the scene Friday morning to continue their investigation. Drivers can expect closures during this time.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton posted a message to the Waco PD Facebook page Thursday afternoon about the drivers who were passing the scene.

"This morning while assisting on the Fatality Crash on Hwy. 6 by the Twin Bridges, other first responders and I noticed a frightening and incomprehensible trend occurring.

Now note this...it was raining/slick roads, highway speeds, very heavy workday morning traffic, multiple first responders and their vehicles working the scene, debris scattering both sides of the roadway and limited visibility due to the rain. And yet...DRIVERS mind you, of passing vehicles, not one but BOTH hands off of their steering wheels, looking away from their lanes of traffic responsibility, with their cellphones photographing and videoing the scene as they were operating their vehicles driving by on the highway!!

You not only put yourself but the other motoring public in harms way. Not to mention the first responders including Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Ambulance Teams, the original crash victims and others assisting at the scene in serious jeopardy. For what???? A photograph of a horrific death???? You should be ashamed.

We estimated that about one out of every ten drivers were distracted enough to put others at risk. Maybe why we had several additional crashes at or near the original crash scene.

We implore you folks. PLEASE!!! When driving by an incident such as this, please pay attention to your driving and appropriate areas of responsibility. We will assure you if you kill or injure a first responder or someone else due to you [SIC] lack of attention on the roadway and being more interested in recording or photographing with your cell phone...we will file appropriate criminal charges on you.

For those of you that paid attention to the roadway, did your best to get thru a horrific scene and said a prayer for everyone involved...We thank you. Thank you for being the responsible citizens we should all try to be."

Sgt. W.P Swanton