WACO- The creepy clown craze that has been making national headlines is causing a concern for people locally, especially with Halloween around the corner.

Katie Croft, who has children both young and old, says, "it makes you a little nervous and makes you want to be a little more cautious this year." She plans to take her children trick-or-treating with a group of neighbors, despite her personal feelings of the holiday. Meanwhile, her older son, Davis, isn't too concerned with the craze. "I feel safe. I don’t know about other people."

The Hewitt Police Department says clowns or not, they are always extra cautious during Halloween and will have more patrol cars out on the streets making sure citizens are safe and having fun. Assistant Police Chief, Tuck Saunders says, "it's not illegal to dress as a clown...if stuff happens we'll be out there." He also suggests trick-or-treaters travel in groups and stay in well lit areas to avoid conflict and stay safe.