Crews began clean-up Saturday in two areas of Bell County that were hit by large fires in the past week.

The fires have left a park on Lake Belton and a home on Stillhouse Hollow decimated days after county commissioners implemented a burn ban.

Much of Oakmont Park in Morgan's Point Resort was closed down Saturday evening as crews begin to use heavy equipment to clean up the affected areas of the park.

Also, just a few miles away, marked another fire scene on Bell County's other lake. A fire in the 4800 block of Elf Trail by Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir left one family without a home. The house fire left a column of smoke visible for miles.

The blaze spread, and engulfed the entire home.

Fire officials deemed the house a total loss after fighting the fire for multiple hours.

"Water was a big challenge," Lt. Jerry Carlson of the Central Bell County Fire Department said."Even though we're on the lake, there's no hydrants. So when our engines ran out of water, we were at a standstill until we could get more water."

Crews remained on the scene overnight and Saturday helped the family recover any valuable items they could.

The cause of the house fire remains undetermined and under investigation. As for the Morgan's Point Resort fire, fire officials said the cause was "likely intentional" and have interviewed persons of interest.

Authorities hope to get the area cleaned up, so Oakmont Park can re-open.