Culinary soldiers with the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade are preparing for a major competition next week.

They’ve been getting prepped for the past couple months.

It is an important job on post and down range – keeping troops well fed and happy.

The team of 19 soldiers will be serving food to the U.S. Forces Command Evaluators next week as part of the Connelly competition. One soldier told Channel 6 he enjoys experimenting with seasonings and the soldiers said it is vital to get those measurements right. Air Defense Culinary Soldiers plan to be making chicken scampi for the graders.

“It’s always a good environment coming out here with the people we have,” Spc. Ashton Jones with the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade said. “Everyone has a great personality out here, we all bond very well.”

Spc. Jai Guerin said food is like another habitat, another world you get to take somebody to.

“So, getting to feed somebody is an excellent opportunity,” Guerin said.

It is also important for the soldiers to maintain a clean safe environment.