A Waco Police Sergeant got a surprise "power hug" while on duty this week.

Sgt. John Hambrick was working Magnolia Market's Easter Egg Hunt when a 3-year-old girl abruptly gave him a hug, in a moment captured in a photo.

Her father, Jeff Cummings, said she always says hello to every police officer she passes. But, of all the law enforcement members she has met, she felt the urge to give Sgt. Hambrick a big hug.

"It seemed that he almost did not have a choice and accepted graciously," Cummings wrote in a message to Waco Police. "He even had a number of extremely nice and encouraging things to say to her."

Fellow Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton shared the heartwarming moment on Facebook. When asked about the post, Sgt. Swanton said the photo spoke volumes to him and the law enforcement community.

"It makes all the tough days absolutely worthwhile when we get those type of interactions with especially kids because they are so genuine," Swanton said. "I've been on the receiving end of those and it's an incredible feeling. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate it."

Cummings said because of officers like Sgt. Hambrick, his daughter will grow up knowing she can trust police officers and feel safe around them.