Dallas Bandidos leader Jake Carrizal took the stand Tuesday to testify at his own defense. Carrizal is facing several charges for his alleged involvement in the 2015 Twin Peaks Biker shootout that left nine people dead.

Carrizal began his testimony saying he was very nervous to take the stand. He ended the day in tears as he went on to explain what it means to be a Bandido and what exactly happened at Twin Peaks leading up to the shootout.

Carrizal says he's been a full patch member of the club for five years - quickly moving through the ranks of Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President and President, his father and uncle were also Bandidos members.

Carrizal struck down claims that the Bandidos are a criminal organization saying multiple times that they are professional, expected to be a man of their word and do not condone violence. Carrizal went on to say getting thrust into the national spotlight with this trial has been difficult.

"I'm sitting up here and I'm being judged by everyone in here and everyone on that camera. I'm in this position and I can expect no mercy from society. I am a Bandido and I'm looked at like a criminal so I expect no mercy from anyone else," Carrizal said.

The Bandidos leader said there is nothing anyone could do to make him part ways with the Bandidos organization, saying he broke his bond conditions multiple times just to be able to communicate with his bike brothers.

The defense then asked Carrizal to describe what happened at Twin Peaks the day of the shootout. Carrizal got emotional as he replayed that fatal day, often having to stop and collect himself.

Carrizal claimed when he arrived to Twin Peaks, he was ambushed by the Cossacks while trying to park his bike. He said he was trying to fight his way out of the crowd to get to the other side of the lot where his family and bike brothers were. Carrizal said at one point, his uncle told the Cossacks they could talk about their beef after the Bandidos scheduled meeting at the restaurant. However, Carrizal said things quickly escalated and said he wasn't sure how he would make it out of the attack alive.

"I was in the middle of a pile and I remember waiting for a knife to go into me or a bullet to hit me I was waiting on that. I knew I was fighting and I knew it was coming," Carrizal said.

Carrizal said after he got out of the pile he found his father who had been shot, and said he broke down when his father asked him to take care of the family.

Following his emotional testimony Carrizal went on to mention his 36th birthday is on Monday.

Court will resume Wednesday morning at 9am.

Watch the proceedings below: