Thousands of Fort Hood Soldiers may be far from home, but they got a chance to take a break from the battle to break some bread and eat some turkey.

One soldier said Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most anticipated days on a base because the food is the best on those days.

From Kuwait to Afghanistan to Korea, time stops for a moment for these soldiers for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and reflection on family time back in the states.

"The whole family gets together, extended family, all my crazy uncles, all my cousins, and it's all piled into one of the family member's house, either my mom's house or my uncle's house, and it's just ludacris storytelling," III Corps' Brigadier General Jon Braga said at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.

"I help with meal prep early in the morning and my whole family pretty much comes over so we all get really dressed up just to have dinner together which is actually kinda nice," Specialist Dakota Archer in Korea, with Fort Hood's 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team said.

It may be the first Thanksgiving for Specialist Archer, but it's not for many. Soldiers said, in the past, they've been deployed to countries like Bosnia, Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Iraq and Germany.

When deployed, troops are sometimes working 16 hour days, building comradery with one another. Despite the different traditions back on American soil, each are united in the decorated dining facilities by a love of food.

"All of it. I started from the left side and just said yes to everything," said Lieutenant Colonel John Mark Wilson about the feast overseas.

And it's especially about a passion for leftovers.

"My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the turkey sandwiches I get to have for the rest of the weekend," said Captain Neal Coughlin, a 504th Military Intelligence Brigade soldier in Afghanistan.

The soldiers say advanced technology makes it easier to virtually celebrate with family back home.