Students at Copperas Cove ISD's Williams/Ledger Elementary School recently learned about accepting each other's differences during a visit from a special kind of dog.

Gizmo, a dog with no tail, was rescued off an El Paso freeway surprised students by visiting the school and reading "Gizmo Goes to Yellowstone" -- one of a series of books written about him. In the book, Gizmo embarks on a journey to find the perfect tail. On Nov. 17, he and author Heidi Phillips spoke to students about embracing differences and being themselves.

“I love the story that he is wanting a tail, but then it really doesn’t matter if you have a tail or not,” scholar Rowan Haveans said. “Just be happy without it.”

Teacher Darleen Lucas said the students were excited to meet both the dog and author.

“The excitement on their faces shined as they listened to each word being read and watched as the pages turned to see the beautiful pictures that were drawn by River Wilson, and photographed by Heidi Phillips at Yellow Stone,” Lucas said. “Since this special visit, many of my students want to write and create their own books. They are asking for more paper, a sharpened pencil, and the stapler. They are so excited about writing.”