The K-Town Raptors Youth Football and Cheer Club started up last year. But for this nonprofit club, mentorship comes before football... and anything else. The club held a free camp in Killeen Saturday and Sunday for kids ages 5-13. The goal: keep those kids off the street.

For parents like Lemont Reed the club has already been a huge help. He often has training on Fort Hood and has to be away from his 10-year-old son. Club coaches, including club president and coach Jari McPherson, have checked up on Reed's son in school and even talked to teachers on his behalf when Reed was stuck on post. For Reed's son, having more mentors has resulted in much better grades.

"When we can't make it to school, they go in and talk to the teachers and stuff for us, let us know what was said," Reed said. "Our son went from being a C-D student to an A-B student."

The Regular Season for the K-Town Raptors will start in the fall but practice will starting during the summer. If you want to get your kid involved, visit their website.