A small plane crash-landed off FM 67 near Itasca in Hill County Friday afternoon.

Colorado pilot Steve Thompson, 57, was flying a 2004 experimental two-seater plane from Colorado to Houston and ran out of fuel.

After realizing he would not have enough fuel to reach a landing strip nearby, the pilot attempted to make an emergency landing in a plowed field but got caught in some ONCOR power lines, according to DPS Sgt. D.L. Wilson. The power lines caused the plane to flip multiple times and crash down on the ground, trapping the pilot in the cockpit -- upside down, Wilson explained.

The Colorado pilot called 911 for help, and firefighters were able to get him out. He was treated at the scene and was not transported to the hospital, Wilson said.

Thompson shared his first thoughts following the crash with Channel 6 News.

"First thought that crossed my mind was... wow I'm alive," Thompson said. "I don't even feeling any pain. Oh, wait a minute... what if this thing catches fire? Oh... there's no gas."

Then, Thompson got in touch with his loved ones.
"I did finally get to talk to (my wife), it was real good," Thompson said. "Obviously, she was concerned and... I'm glad to be alive."

He did not suffer any major injuries.

DPS and the FAA are investigating the crash.

Channel 6 News had a crew on the way to the scene Friday afternoon. Check back for updates.