It's been a deadly week on Interstate 35. Two separate crashes have claimed the lives of four people.

According to TxDOT, 13 people have died in traffic accidents in 2017 on the stretch of I-35 from Salado to West.

Early Friday morning, a fatal motorcycle accident in Temple marked the fourth traffic related death just this week. On Tuesday, a fiery crash which involved four semi-trucks and two passenger cars killed three people.

TxDOT said often times the crashes can be traced back to certain factors.

"Speeding, driving under the influence and distracted driving," Ken Robertson, TxDOT spokesperson said. "Those are the three main ones that we want people to be aware of and avoid."

Drivers and motorists have turned to law enforcement and TxDOT in hopes of increased safety measures in some of the more precarious stretches of I-35.

Channel 6 reached out to some truck drivers and asked if they feel safe driving on the highway.

"I will once they get this construction done," trucker Lee Brown said.

Another truck driver was a tad more optimistic.

"For the most part its pretty good but in those construction zones it gets really tight," Brad James said.

TxDOT told Channel 6 it has already taken a series of precautions to make the roads more safe to drive on. They drastically decreased the speed limit those construction work zones, and have launched a number of safety campaigns to warn drivers of the upcoming dangers on the highway.

However, TxDOT reminds people driving on I-35 is a riskier endeavor than most drives simply due to the higher volume of cars on the interstate.

"There's a tremendous amount of traffic on I-35," Ken Robertson, TxDOT representative said. "It's just common sense that says 'if you're going to be on a roadway that's heavily trafficked then you need to be more aware.' You need to know what's going on around you all the time, you need to drive accordingly."