BELL COUNTY, Texas - A Bell County woman is trying to get the laws in her area changed after she said her dog was killed by two pit bulls.

Neighbors have been complaining about those dogs for months.

Katharina Youngblood said she was doing everything right when it comes to animal safety, but she believes others in the neighborhood were not. She believes tougher rules need to be in place.

Youngblood’s Australian Shepherd, Junebug, was leashed in her yard last weekend when she said Junebug was attacked and killed by two pitbulls that were roaming the neighborhood.

A sheriff department spokesman said the owner of those dogs was given four citations in the last week because the dogs got out.

However, neighbors said citations are not enough and those dogs have been running around the area for more than a year. They also said the dogs have attacked before.

For Youngblood, enough is enough.

She will be headed to the Bell County Commissioners Court Monday to ask for tougher rules on dog owners so what happened to Junebug does not happen again.

“If a dog mauls a pet or any other than a human, that they be prosecuted just as well, as if they broke the law…killed a human,” Youngblood said.

Under current Texas Law, if one dog kills another, the victim can bring a civil case but not a criminal one.

Bell County Law currently labels stray dogs as a nuisance.

Allowing a dog to go stray is only a Class C misdemeanor.