The Killeen Police Department launched a "Safe Exchange Zone" program Wednesday, similar to those running in nearby communities like Temple.

The program will provide a safe location for people who make online purchases through websites like Craigslist, eBay and various Facebook groups -- or for families doing custodial exchanges.

The safe exchange zone is located in the lobby of Killeen Police Department Headquarters, located at 3304 Community Blvd. in Killeen.

"We encourage residents to conduct business during daylight hours and to provide the Killeen Police Department headquarters address...for transaction arrangements," KPD Spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez said in a press release.

Police said the city and its employees were not responsible for the verifying the legitimacy of the transactions, they just wanted to provide a safe space for those deals to occur.

"City of Killeen employees will not act as official witnesses to transactions, do not give legal advice and will not settle civil disputes related to any transaction," MIramontez said. "The police department is just providing a safe location to conduct your transactions."

Police requested anyone exchanging large or bulky items to not leave them in the parking lot.