Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg spoke on Fort Hood Friday for Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

The event, which was held in the Palmer Theater Friday afternoon, was free for DoD ID card holders.

Sandberg spoke about women’s empowerment and mentioned how the room was half full of men. She says male support is a very important part in the continued goals for equal opportunities for women. In one anecdote, Sandberg spoke about hiding her pregnancy while working at Google for fear it would negatively impact her career.

Sandberg also recounted the sudden death of her second husband, Dave, who passed away a little more than two years ago. She talked with media about how she is coping with her own loss and how she can help others who lost loved ones. The Facebook COO said it's important to kick the elephant out of the room and keep the conversation open about the loss of a loved one.

She later offered support to an emotional widow, who asked a question about the loss of her husband.

During the speech, Sandberg also advocated for equal pay for military members.

"We need to pay people fairly for the work they do for this country," Sandberg told the audience on Fort Hood.

She also touched on the contributions of immigrants in the United States. Her own grandparents were welcomed into the country, thus able to survive the Holocaust, she said.

Sandberg spoke at Fort Bragg in North Carolina on Thursday. She is headed to Houston for a talk on Friday night.

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