KILLEEN, TEXAS- Family, Food, and Fun is a hands on program allowing families to spend time together while learning to live a healthier life. Classes for the month of June begun on June 8th and will take place every Thursday night at the Killeen Parks and Recreation Center. The program was created by the members of McLane Children's Hospital to help educate people on the importance of eating a well balanced meal and working out.

Over 50 participants are signed up for the month of June. Mother of 5, Christy Dilligard says, the program is "a good way to get the family together." She also says she looks forward to her children learning the many steps it takes to cook a healthy meal, hoping it will shine a light on the work she goes through everyday to prepare a meal for them. Dilligard also says that her children constantly try to cook with her at home but she doesn't always have time to walk them through the steps. That's why she hopes Family, Food, and Fun will give her children that cooking opportunity.

Program creator, Blair Murphy, says over the course of two years, the results have been seen from the program. Murphy says families do end up spending more time together at the dinner table and they do in fact get better at their workouts.

The final session of the program will end with a cook off between the families on June 29th.