A father is desperate for answers Monday after his one-year-old son died in early July following a daycare incident.

The child was found unresponsive at an in-home daycare in Killeen in May, and the father said his family wants justice so they can start healing.

Around 1:02 p.m. on May 12, Killeen Police found one-year-old Jaxson Reed after officers said a woman, who was running an in-home unlicensed daycare out of her residence, called 911 to claim she left the child sleeping in his car seat unattended and he ended up strangled by the safety strap.

"(The daycare owner) stated that she returned when she heard another child crying and found the victim unconscious and not breathing, with one of the safety straps around his neck," Killeen Police Commander Alex Gearhart said.

So far, no arrests have been made. Jeronte Reed, Jaxson's father, told Channel 6 News he has not received any significant updates from the Bell County District Attorneys Office.

"I know it takes time and we're being very patient, but at some point, we're gonna need some answers," Jeronte Reed said. "Patience only gets us so far, faith without action isn't gonna get us anywhere."

Jeronte Reed added the daycare owner has yet to reach out to his family.

"The fact that you're just moving along with your life nonchalantly like nothing ever happened that bothers me," Jeronte Reed said.

Channel 6 News reached out to the Bell County District Attorneys Office in regards to the case. The organization said the case is "under investigation and under review" and did not comment further.

However, Reed said Jaxson deserves justice sooner rather than later.

"How did this happen, why did this happen, what are the possibilities. We want to know how to move forward and we can't do that without answers," Jeronte Reed said.

A representative for the Texas Department of Family Services said the childcare provider, in this case, did not have a permit or child care license. The department implemented a safety plan restricting this provider from caring for any children outside of their own family moving forward.

The Reed family said they will continue to check back with the DA's office for an update, and urge parents to always vet their childcare providers.