As communities across Texas mourn the loss of four people killed in a bus crash in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday, a group of survivors arrived home in Bastrop Wednesday night to a cheering and welcoming crowd.

A charter bus was taking members of the Bastrop Senior Center -- along with others -- to a casino as a part of a seven-day trip when a train crashed into it. Of the 49 people who were on the bus, four people died.

Less than a dozen survivors returned home Wednesday night. As the group walked off of the bus, friends and family members welcomed them with flowers and hugs. Go here to watch a Facebook live video that captured the moment.

It was a long and difficult drive back for some of senior citizens who experienced the crash. One woman recalled her experience.

"We got off in a hurry, it hit right behind there (motioning to the bus). Right to the middle of the bus," said Justine Nygren. "I think it was too high a hill there, but I'm not an engineer or anything so I can't answer that."

Charles Matejic was at the homecoming to show his support.

"Alls we can say is our hearts and prayers are with them," Matejic said. "Everybody feels the same. Everybody wants them to do as well as possible and my prayers go to all the families, all the family members. They must be going through unbelievable emotions. Way more than we are going through and it's ripping my heart apart."

Several other victims of the crash remain in area hospitals near Biloxi currently.

The family of two of the victims has hired an attorney to represent them in this tragedy.

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