The severe weather Tuesday left many Central Texas first responders working around the clock to keep us protected. The Channel 6 News Team is saying thank you for their efforts! 

Officials say it was a busy day for all agencies across the board, they worked long hours and say they relied on their extensive training and teamwork to get the job done.

Parking lots and streets turned to rushing rivers as severe weather swept through the area.

Storms left entire structures destroyed, cars stranded and led to several swift water rescues.

"We started Tuesday morning at 1:30 am with our weather related calls and went well past 5pm. We rescued three individuals working with other agencies and we feel very confident that those three people might not be alive today had we not been able to reach them" says Thomas Pechal, Temple Fire Department.

Many first responders worked 24 hours and helped assist other departments on emergency calls. 

"In our business just because you're scheduled to get off at 4pm doesn't necessarily mean you're getting off at 4pm, these guys stay until the task is done" says Donnie Adams, Bell County Sheriff's Department. 

Despite warnings from local safety and media organizations to avoid traveling in the weather, some people ventured out anyway making responders jobs much more challenging.
"There's barricades out and they drive around the barricade and next thing we're having to do is put a deputy's life on the line to go out and save somebody and we had several of those situations yesterday" says Adams.
First responders encourage citizens to follow weather safety guidelines during severe weather to keep themselves and responding officials safe.
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