BELTON LAKE -- More than 240 soldiers got to get out and fish Saturday in the Fishing for Freedom competition on Belton Lake.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit, Fishing for Freedom pairs experienced fishermen with local soldiers every year to create a 240 team competition -- an opportunity that some soldiers might not otherwise have.

After a whole day of fishing each team can weigh in five fish and compete for a cash payout. The top 24 spots win prize money and the first place winner gets to take home a new Triton boat.

While many of the volunteering fishermen are local others come from across the Untitled States to fish with the solders. Jerry Leglue traveled from Alexander, Louisiana for the tournament.

"I do this for the soldiers. We made some good friends and met a lot of interesting good people... our soldiers," Leglue said.

"It gets us away from the everyday stuff and helps you clear your mind and relax," Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient Juan Castro said. "It's a great experience because, since I've been out of the military, I don't really see a lot of people. I work in the civilian world and it's a lot different."