After a straight week of digging into the student violence on and around Killeen schools, KISD says they will address the problems with the public. The district will hold a town hall Thursday night at Shoemaker High where parents can talk to administrators and city officials about the problems.

One person hoping to see results from the meeting is former Shoemaker High freshman Javon Laur who says he was recently jumped at the school by 3 kids.

"When I got jumped there was no teacher. There was a big crowd, they were screaming and then after everything was done five minutes later a teacher was like are you ok" says Former Shoemaker High student Javon Laur.

The boys mother claims the violent attack left her son with a concussion and knee injury. Javon says his experience isn't out of the ordinary for kids at Shoemaker High, he claims so many brawls break out at the same time that it makes it difficult for the teachers to try and stop them all.

"People get jumped in five different areas at the same time and then teachers are going from place to place but by the time they get there it's over with" says Laur.

His mother pulled him out of school the day after the incident, she says she was concerned for his safety.

"I cannot put into words how mad I am that these children are still in class going to school only to fight and make videos for Instagram while my son is missing his education" says Former Shoemaker High mom Erica Brown.

The mother says she's thinking of alternative learning options for her child and she's not alone. An online poll on the Ignored Voices of KISD Facebook page shows other parents in the district considering other options due to the violence as well, but many hope the town hall discussion will help ease some of their concerns.

The town hall will take place Thursday October 27th from 6-7pm at Shoemaker High.