The 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade put their spouses to the test Friday morning with an obstacle course set up to show them some of the physical challenges their loved one faces on the job.

Despite heavy rain around 40 spouses turned out for the hour long challenge to experience first-hand the strength and stamina their soldiers need to do their job. The spouses were broken up into 7 teams of four, they then completed 8 obstacles along the course including things like belly crawls, beam walks and push ups. Fort Hood officials say the event was all about bringing troops and their families closer together.

"We've got currently about a third of our brigade currently deployed, we wanted these spouses to get a kind of day in the life of what their spouses are doing and build some teamwork and have some fun" says LTC Ayo Lawson , 69th Brigade.

"When we go through training's or deployments we need that resiliency to get through them so we want to make sure the families also understand resiliency and team building" says SSG Cindy Duckworth, 69th Brigade.

The winning team says the event helped them realize how tough their soldiers job truly is.

"I couldn't do this everyday. I definitely feel a little bit worse for him when he gets home and he has to do this but it's a cool thing though because we kind of get a little glimpse of what they do" says winning spouses Samantha, Josselyn and Dayana.

Fort Hood Officials say they hope to hold the event on an annual basis from now on. Win or lose many spouses out on the field today say they left the event with a greater respect for everything their soldier must endure to keep our country protected.