Loud booms could be heard coming from Fort Hood Thursday as soldiers there conducted new paladin training, a new generation of artillery that might provide better support during combat. The unit can hit a target as far as 18 miles away, it also has a bigger engine so it can move across the field much faster. The unit is also equipped with interior cameras so the driver can shoot at targets without ever leaving the safety of the vehicle.

The soldiers hope the new equipment will help them better protect themselves while also performing more efficiently in battle, they'll fire 10 thousand rounds over 18 days of testing and training and officials say that will be beneficial for the soldiers.

"It's a lot of training we're firing a lot of artillery rounds more rounds than most men are able to fire in a year we're firing in these few weeks. The training we're getting out of it the soldiers that are testing it will be able to take that with them for the rest of their careers" says LTC Joey Errington, 3rd Battalion 16th FA Regt.

"Looking to the future this will be the system that will be used for the next 15 years, we've got to make sure that we're creating a system that can fight in the future wars that we potentially have to fight" says LTC David McRae, Operational Test Command.

The soldiers will train through Sunday then take a three day break after that before continuing training again. If officials move forward with the system it could be implemented as early as next summer.