One Fort Hood military motorcycle club held its 4th annual Honor Ride for the Fallen Saturday morning.

Nearly fifty members of the Green Knights Motorcycle Club Fort Hood chapter gathered at Phantom Warrior Lanes on post to remember friends and family who have been lost.

Many of the bikers lost someone in the Fort Hood shootings.

"A friend of mine was shot, his name was Christopher Royal," one member said.

"On the first shooting I lost Staff Sgt. Justin DeCrow," Justo Andaluz, Vice President of Fort Hood Green Knights, added.

Others lost friends due to training exercises.

The ride provided a way to help soldiers cope with the pain of their loss by coming together.

"We'll talk about it," Andaluz said. "We'll remember the good times we had with those people, It's an outlet and at the same time it feels good that we are helping a family, someone else go though it."

Not only does the ride help mourn the loss of beloved friends and family, it helps raise money for the Fisher House --- a non-profit that helps cover travel costs and houses families of wounded soldiers that are being treated at the hospital.

"They have a hero mile program, so if family members need to fly they will cover the cost of flights with donated miles," Heather Looney, Fort Hood Fisher House volunteer, said.

Nearly $1,500 was raised by the Green Knights for the Fisher House.

The Green Knights Motorcycle Club is also an international non-profit organization. The Green Knights International Military Motorcycle club formed in late 1999 and at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. Since its creation, the Green Knights have expanded into many chapters, like the one at Fort Hood.