Exactly one month after a man in a vehicle was swept into Clear Creek near Turkey Run Road on Fort Hood, the victim remains missing.

On Thursday, Army officials said they were "reasonably certain" the missing person is a Fort Hood soldier -- something previously alluded to by local emergency officials. To date, the victim has not been identified.

"First and foremost, our primary responsibility is locating the Soldier and protecting the privacy of his family," Fort Hood Spokesman Tom Rheinlander said.

The searchers were made aware of the soldier's identity, Fort Hood said, and the victim's family was being kept updated on the search progress.

"Fort Hood officials are respecting the family's privacy and will not provide any additional information until the appropriate time," the Army said.

Fort Hood has not released a formal update on the search's progress since April 19 -- more than three weeks ago.

The search for the missing soldier resulted in the death of Morgan's Point Resort diver Lori Pohanka-Kalama. The circumstances surrounding her fatal search-and-rescue injury have never been publicly disclosed.

"Lori was a tremendous asset to the Morgan's Point Resort Police Department and the community we serve, and she will truly be missed by all," the police department wrote in a statement back in April.

More than 80 people are involved in the search operation for the missing solder. First responders located the victim's vehicle several weeks ago, but the soldier has not been located.