Fort Hood Soldiers deployed to Kuwait completed air assault school.

The 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team’s Lieutenant Colonel Will Wade said the school improves readiness for soldiers.

It’s the first air assault course at Camp Buehring in Kuwait. There are 6 air assault schools in the United States--at Fort Drum, Fort Benning, Fort Hood and in Hawaii and El Paso.

Wade told Channel 6 Military Reporter Jillian Angeline the course included sling loading helicopters and ruck marches.

The Greywolf Brigade soldiers in the course are certified to do air assault operations, inspect repelling equipment, and prepare for medivac evacuations.

Wade said his brigade is the first to go through the course at Camp Buehring. The 12-day course was not easy and he said some who started did not finish. The Greywolf Brigade started with about 270 soldiers and ended with about 215. Wade said they did not finish for several reasons.

“One is they did not pass the standard to inspect cargo loads. They may have fallen out physically,” he said. “It’s pretty intense with the road marching, foot marching.”

Middle East Partners, Kuwaiti Soldiers also participated in the air assault school.

Colonel Wade said it took two years to get the course funding and approvals by U.S. Army Central Command.