Beginning July 17 at 8 a.m., Atmos Energy crews and contractors will oversee a controlled natural gas flaring on Fort Hood at 31st street between Tank Destroyer Blvd and Battalion Ave.

Courtesy: Atmos Energy "Why We Flare" video.

The company will perform maintenance on a section of natural gas pipeline in the area as part of "normal, routine maintenance concerns."

“Flaring” is a standard industry practice to safely burn natural gas that must be removed from a specific section of pipeline so that employees can work on the pipe.

(Courtesy): Atmos Energy "Why We Flare" video.

People in the area will notice a large, controlled flame and moderate noise for nearly three to four hours.

Fort Hood Emergency Services and officials have been notified of the upcoming flaring.

For any additional information about why Atmos Energy performs such flaring operations, watch their video here.