FORT HOOD -- They aren't all up yet but Fort Hood will soon get around fifteen percent of its power from an on-post solar array and up to another fifty percent from a wind farm near Lubbock. The post is working to become a leader in clean energy across the U.S. military.

"Fort Hood is a leader right now in many, many areas," Fort Hood Director of Public Works Brian Dosa said. "We are talking about renewable energy today. We were the first hybrid wind and solar project and the largest project that the army's had yet."

The on-post solar array will be the size of 100 football fields when complete and will generate 15 megawatts of energy at maximum capacity. The off-site wind farm of 24 turbines will generate another 50 megawatts under the right conditions. Dosa said Ford Hood requires about 100 megawatts of constant energy during the heat of the summer but the new system would be able to provide half that in renewable energy.

It will also be less expensive that buying from the local electric company. A fort hood press release states that "The hybrid project will supply nearly half of Fort Hood’s power and is estimated to avoid $168 million in energy costs over the next three decades."

The project is contracted to Apex Clean Energy which raised the funds to build the solar array and will maintain the solar panels without passing possible repair costs along to Fort Hood. Fort Hood was also able to lock their rate with Apex Clean Energy over a 30 year contract.