Friends and loved ones of Patrick and Kaitlyn Oliver gathered at Temple Bible Church Saturday to say goodbye one last time.

Only a few weeks ago, four-year-old Kaitlyn and her father Patrick were in the water when a houseboat backed into them. Kaitlyn was trapped in he propeller and killed. Patrick lost both his legs and died in the hospital several days later.

The tragedy brought out not only family and friends but many in the Temple community to mourn. Some, like Gene Sneed Jr., only knew the family for a moment, but still had to be there.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about it, you know," Sneed said. "It's an awful thing... I couldn't even imagine how [her mother] feels, you know?"

But the Temple community didn't just mourn for the Oliver family, they gave. The Crotty Funeral Home provided the entire service for free.

"My first thought was just... we got it, well take care of it. It could have been my son. We are at the lake every weekend so it could have been my son too," Jarrah Crotty, Crotty Funeral Home co-owner said.

Patrick and Kaitlyn will be cremated and will travel to San Antonio with Kaitlyn's mother. At the end of the funeral, the family released balloons in their memory.