A family is searching for answers after their son disappeared from his naval post in Norfolk, Virginia over the weekend.

Gage Brady was stationed in Virginia and was set to depart onboard the U.S.S. Wasp sometime in the near future, but a little less than a week ago, he vanished, seemingly without a trace. Now his family is praying for his safe return home.

“He’s been my best friend since before I can remember so this has been pretty difficult,” his sister Cassidy Brady said.

Since childhood, Gage Brady and his sister Cassidy have been inseparable. So, when she got a concerned call from one of her brother’s Navy friend in Virginia, she knew something was wrong.

“He said where’s Gage? And…. I didn’t know,” she said.

Twenty-year-old Gage had told a Navy buddy he was going to pick up a friend around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, but he never returned.

“This can’t be happening,” she said. “You don’t think it’s real until the detective actually calls you.”

Police tried calling Brady’s cell, and a man picked up who said he had found the phone outside a 7-Eleven in Norfolk. However, subsequent calls to the number were not answered.

Investigators then discovered his debit card was being used in Kentucky and Missouri and are now working to track down who was behind those transactions.

For Brady’s family, his disappearance is out of character, as he comes from a military family, and his career in the Navy meant a great deal to him.

“This isn’t something that is normal,” she said. “He’s the type of person that if he puts his mind to it he’s going to do it. He wouldn’t just walk away you know?”

Investigators said Gage has an athletic build and three distinctive tattoos on his right arm and are actively pursuing any leads. As for his family, back in Gatesville, they are sending a desperate message tonight, to a brother and son they just want to see come back to them.

“As long as he’s okay, he can always come home, and we’ll fix it,” his sister said.

Gage was last seen driving his black 2011 Chevrolet Impala with either a Texas License plate or a Temporary Virginia State License plate.

Investigators said there is no indication of foul play, but anyone with information about this whereabouts should call police.