Happy St Paddies day! Here are some fun facts about the day.

The first ever St Patrick's day parade was not held in Ireland but in fact New York has that honor, no surprises there.

Leprechauns while being fairies are also shoe-makers in Irish folklore.

The Guinness book of World Records originated in Ireland after a past managing director of the brewery was arguing with friends over what is the fastest bird in Ireland.

There are 16 places in the US called Dublin

Dublin in the Irish language Gaelic means dark pool

A leprechaun's pot of gold is estimated to be worth around 1.25 million dollars

The official color of St. Patrick's day is blue, but green has become the norm associated with Ireland and the day.

St Patrick's real name is Maewyn Succat

And the most important piece of knowledge of the day, is why we celebrate St Patrick's day. And no it's not just an excuse to drink, why the day is celebrated is to celebrate St Patrick and his work of bringing Christianity to Ireland.

The luck of the Irish to ya!